Fulton Lewis is a hard-hitting, experienced, responsible conservative journalist, lecturer, debater and political analyst with a unique and penetrating commentary on today’s issues!


  • “America At The Crossroads!"
  • "Where In The Word Are We Going?"
  • "The Consequences of Defeat"

Among the Issues … 

  • Why we got into Iraq and Afghanistan, and our only safe “Exit Strategy”

  • The 2008 Elections: one of the most important in history

  • Why we can no longer hide the ugly Social Security/Medicare crisis in the closet

  • How, and why, the liberal media shapes American public opinion

  • A U.S. Foreign Policy that is needed to succeed in the War on Terror

  • How the partisan “Family Feud” in Washington is crippling our nation

  • Illegal Immigration: The threat it poses, and the solutions that are needed

  • Separating the Truth from the Lies, Deceptions and Hypocrisies in the “Global Warming” political debate

Audience Reviews …

  • … "Articulate”
  • … “Convincing”
  • … “Informed”
  • … “Logical”
  • … “Entertaining"



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